Launch Coming Soon !

26th July. Write it down šŸ™‚Ā 

We are extremly excited to let everyone know that our first event is going to happen on the 26th of July at the Bath Innovation Centre.

More details to follow. Watch this space.

Welcome !


This is the site for the NEW Girls Geek Dinner located in Bath.Ā Girls Geek Dinners aims toĀ Ā bring together Girl Geeks from around the world with a common goal of meet, inspire & encourage!

Our Aim is to gather all theĀ Girl Geeks from bath and run events where networking and sharing ideasĀ is made easy and accessable.

For more information about Girl Geek Dinners please go to our About Us tab.
We look forward to your involvement.

Hello world!

Girl Geek Dinners is in the process of launching their first Girl Geek Dinner event in a new location! Come and find out which one and if you are based in this area keep an eye on this site and we look forward to bringing you the first event!